Salsa, Swing, Smooth & More

Salsa, Swing, Smooth & More

Classical Sequence

– or “Old Time” dances – in styles dating back as far as the 17th century including the Old Time Waltz, Gavottes, Two Steps, Tangos and Saunters.

West Coast Swing

– a partner dance with roots in Lindy Hop. A smooth “slot” dance which means that the steps are danced along an imaginary slot on the dance floor.


– fun social jazz dance popularised in the 1920’s.Characterised by toes-in, heels-out swivelling steps. Can be danced solo or with a partner.


– a club style Latin partnership dance with an understated and relaxed Cuban hip motion giving the dance an easy casual and sexy appearance.

Texas Two Step

– a country/western partner dance progressing around the room with a quick quick slow slow rhythm pattern.

American Smooth

– smooth dances are similar to the standard Ballroom dances – flowing and graceful is still the aim but more open and separated figures are included.