Argentine Tango

Did you know the Argentine Tango is danced to three different rhythms?

It is a progressive dance – the man dances around the floor, the lady dances around the man.

The different styles can all be danced in close or open embrace.

Contrary to popular belief, Argentine Tango need not be difficult to learn. Like all partnership dances we begin with the basic steps and then develop the principles of leading and following.

Argentine Tango

– Originally known as “The dance that stops”. Stylish, sophisticated and sensual – danced with variable timing and pauses. Characterised by walking steps, ochos, turning figures (giros) and sometimes embellished with flicks (voleos/boleos) or hooks (ganchos).


– A lively and playful style.The music and movement is faster and pauses are less common than in Argentine Tango.The dance includes rhythmic “walking” with steps on every beat of the music and use of traspiés which are three steps to two beats of music.

Tango Vals

– Argentine Tango steps danced to music with a “Viennese Waltz” timing. Lilting, joyful and light with soft, fluid circular movements.